Dear advertisers!

First, we would like to note that you are allowed to add to the catalog profile without any amount limitations or charge!

1. Administration, advertisers.

1.1 Administration has the right to make the final decision of publishing the profile.

1.2 Administration is loyal to the advertisers, although we have the right to permanent block the account, in cases of multiple violating the rules.

1.3 Ignoring warnings sent by administration and multiple violation of rules of publication leads to blocking the account and deleting all the content no matter what status your profile has.

1.4 Advertiser has the right to know for what reason his profile was blocked, declined to publish, or deleted from the site by administration.

2. Forbidden and allowed

Do not commit fraud, as it annoys the moderators, which might lead to a full block of the profile.

2.1 Its forbidden to use the footage, which contains naked image of genital organs, it especially touches the profiles in which images of the genital organs take up more than 20% of total area of the picture.

2.2 Forbidden to upload identical images inside the profile and on multiple profiles with identical pictures but different content. Also forbidden to use one photo shoot in different profiles.

2.2.1 Acceptable to upload multiple profiles of the same woman with the agreement to use quality photo shoots and very different character of her.

2.2.2 Acceptable amount of pictures for one woman’s profile should contain the minimum of three pictures.

2.3 Forbidden to use pictures with any watermarks.

2.4 Forbidden to use pictures downloaded from social sites, dating sites, on forums and from photobanks, as well as other photo shoots and knowingly false photos.

2.5 Forbidden to use photo shoots of any content in profiles, which have a direct or indirect relation to a child-parent or under-aged relationship.

2.6 When uploading a profile, in the box «Name» it is forbidden to use abbreviation, shortening, combination of capital and upper case letters, numbers, symbols, names of cities, and districts. In the box designed for name needs to be exclusively a name of a woman or women written with the union “and’. Ambition to highlight your profile is welcome in the comment section of your profile.

2.7 When publishing multiple profiles use different names. We understand that women use aliases, but identical names in all the profiles are not acceptable.

2.8 When publishing a profile its forbidden to site fake sites, competitor’s sites, sites with bad quality c content, sites which do not load or not show at all. E-mail sited for communication with you, has to be sited correctly. If you do not wish to share this kind of information or not sure of its correctness, leave the boxes «E-mail» and «Site» empty.

2.9 Forbidden to use non-working, incorrect, or fake phone numbers, also phone numbers which cannot be reachable.

3. Photo verification

After loading verification photo, your profile will be highlighted in the whole catalog with a special mark and shown higher than other profiles without this status.

To assign the status “Photo verified” to your profile, you must:

3.1 Take a picture with a piece of paper that must have written the date of the photo shoot not later than one week from the moment of uploading the profile;

3.2 On the photo with the piece of paper and the date there must also be your name and figure for comparison with the loaded verification photo with the photo shoot;

3.3 The photo must be high quality, original size, without retouching;

3.4 Date must be clearly visible;

3.5 Take the picture with a fresh new newspaper; make sure that the release date will visible for the verification photo;

3.6 If on the public photos woman’s face is covered and is not visible, load one more verification photo without retouching that will show the face

3.7 Only by respecting all the rules of publishing the verification photo, the status “photo verified” will assign within 24 hours.

4. Groups, ranging, moderation.

4.1 In each section of the site, all the added profiles by you divide into 3 groups:

4.1.1 First are shown the profiles, which you moved higher in your advertiser area.

4.1.2 After is the second group with the profiles, which were not moved higher.

4.1.3 The last group shows profiles, which have not been updated within 90 days.

4.2 Inside each group, profiles mix up in a random order for each visitor, which allows equalizing the amount of views for each profile.

4.3 please note that responses to complaints, requests via forms of feedback, and incoming letters are processed by moderators in order within 24 hours. As well, the support service of the site functions day and night. Your questions, requests, complaints, and recommendations will not be left without any notice. After downloading your verification photo, we often get letters asking us to check the profile, which only increases response time of the moderator, just keep that in mind.

We are thankful you found the time to read everything until the end and showed your interest to the portal. We kindly ask you to respect the strict requirements for publishing profiles, which are necessary to create a favorable and trustful atmosphere for your potential clients and our respected visitors. Only with mutual respect, the relationship between advertisers and clients can bring many benefits.

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